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Summer; it’s the time of the year where people travel across the world with there family and friends to break away from society, receive a break, get some summer sun etc. the possibilities are endless! One city that has become a major travel and tourism hot spot recognized by all is Dubai..

Merely 10 years ago, being simply a small shipping port with absolutely no significance, It has turned and transformed into a bustling city and fantastic holiday Dubai spot for many.Dubai’s goal was to be the biggest and best in all, this varied from hotels, shopping malls to indoor ski slopes! But what makes Dubai stand out from the many tourism destinations around the globe is the overall lifestyle that it offers for not only residents but also tourists!

Souk Al Bahar
Burj Khalifa & The Fountain

Many will know and have heard of Burj Al Arab the only Seven Star Hotel in the world! Considered a major landmark globally made Dubai and the Middle East as a whole renowned.

As it has developed over the years new skyscrapers have come to the scene taking the world by storm. Since the economic crisis many disregarded Dubai and believed it would collapse completely. Now however, times have changed. The list is endless of places to visit ranging from the tallest building on the planet (Burj Khalifah) to the worlds largest indoor ski slope located in the prestigious Mall of the Emirates. Over the years more and more are stopping off in Dubai  when travelling on there long journeys via airplane as being conveniently located in between the major continents.

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